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Introducing Gamma

Gamma is the world’s first secure and decentralized data marketplace wherein enterprises can monetize data sharing and drive business decisions by empowering the AI community to build powerful machine learning models within a zero-trust environment. Gamma enables data in use to always stay encrypted by fully decoupling three essential portions of the data governance stack – key management store, data store, and access control lists. Gamma allows modular revocable content based access controls that immediately help enterprises create shared data compliant views to meet any regulation standard – whether it is HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, with minimal need of any trusted third party, or signing of complex business associate agreements.

What constitutes Gamma?

Secure Data Storage

Gamma provides unique encryption-at-rest technology on your cloud storage while keeping the encryption keys on-premise; thereby guaranteeing absolute security against cloud attacks

Distributed Computations

Gamma’s computation engine runs on a massive network of miners on Gamma’s blockchain; thereby providing serverless, scalable computations in secure, encrypted, and privacy compliant manner

Modular Access Controls

Gamma’s advanced cryptographic access controls enable secure in-house data analytics and allow compliant data computations by external partners; truly democratizing artificial intelligence while preserving privacy and security at scale

Use Cases of Gamma

Enterprise Data
Security 1

Gamma has reinvented storage, cloud computations, and cloud security to guarantee absolute protection against data leaks or data manipulation better than any existing solution in the world

Secure Serverless

Run computations in a single environment, to any cloud provider or on blockchain via smart contracts without worrying about provisioning infrastructure, scale or cloud security compromises

Data Protection and

Our modular and customizable data access controls enable privacy preserving computations on sensitive data. This ensures easy compliance with GLBA, HIPAA, GDPR or newer data protection and compliance laws

Decentralized Compute

Gamma enables a peer to peer network where users can rent their spare computing resources (phone, cpu, gpu, or even gaming consoles) and get rewarded. Enterprise can tap into this network to perform computations with security guarantees

Decentralized Data

Gamma enables the world’s first decentralized data marketplace. The data community can collaborate and train state of the art machine learning models while enterprises can securely share and monetize their data without the need to create external data dumps

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